Where We Come Together

by Rybree Tree

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released June 24, 2016


all rights reserved



Rybree Tree Oakland, California

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Track Name: Bees Song
It is glistening
if you're straying from your path,
you'll find it
if you're looking
cuz you are brightly lit
you cannot miss it
if you're livin' from
truth and freedom
you are guided!
and those fools for swine
they feed ya bull and lines
don't take it
it's distracting
from your divine inside!
i seen them try to
snatch your pearls up
try'd to put you on display to fuck
but you are precious
and your gifts are yours
for a reason
cuz you're wild!
like the wind
like the sound
like the roots underground
a pearl, so deep
it can't be found
don't give them nothing!
if the bees were not busy
the system would have no honey
don't give them nothing!
can't you see?
the bees and the butterflies
they are dying
can't you see?
that if the bees were not busy
the system, this system
would have no honey!
can't you see?
Track Name: Sparkling Ascension
fire's hot
planet's rock
hearts are meant
to be soft!
disgruntled surface
sedentary hurtin'
you may need
some symbiosis!
stories from a past
where dry earth
has cracked
seeds of life
plant back
snow pack
tan death
sparkling ascension
now, the season
we're flowing
to return infinite
walk with Spirit
Track Name: This Body Wants to Live
you follow skies
like the greens of my eyes
when i sit in a tree
and i hold on loosely
cuz i'm safe, powerful
and secure
all is well
so are you
but the blues of your eyes
are few hues of life
and you've been traumatized
by all the lies
they're mapping out degrees
unreachable you see
expecting is for fools
and you know
the sun and moon
are reliable
but you don't know
if you will wake breathing
take it easy
stare at the stars
wonder what you are
and wonder what's the season
thoughts may manipulate
it's time to overtake
before it get's too late
and there's no more space
to rejuvenate
they're sure making it hard
but you know who you are
you've felt this way
for centuries
cuz your roots are buried, still
deep in the Appalachians
you can feel the trembles
of resistance
they're trying to bomb
your essence
as you walk around
using this body
for existence
and when you get so low
this vessel seems useless
somebody says up to give
mind tells heart
this body wants to live
this body wants to live!
reboot system
reboot system
or it will crash
Track Name: Tsunami
don't you cry
unless you know for who
crying's healin' from the moon
and don't you take for granted
the way she makes you flow
take a cigarette break
and don't think when you walk
and you will know

she don't take resistance well
she's trying, but you've built
up a wall
you're trying to stop the tsunami
that's breaking down your concrete

and don't you think
unless you know
what makes you
feel these things
you can't describe
with definition
and don't you worry
just as long as you know
it's all energy

she takes mighty good care of us
she helps us grow
when we trust
it's only up to you
to go with the flow
Track Name: Love Yer Pain
love your pain
my momma said
with feeling
you know you're living
while the strong
go crazy
the weak just go along
when we trust
the self that loves
healing become our song
and that which you seek within
you'll never seek without
cosmically, balance will be
restored. without a doubt
still unwittingly, we're forced into
a game of chess
our common enemy are kings
who divide us to protect
their greediest
but no amount of capital
could ever claim the sun
not oceans
not gusts of wind
ripping up
this rotten foundation
so love your pain
like my momma said
with feeling, with feeling
you know you're living
in this life i think
i'm a puzzle piece
whose not yet fit in
know though
center of this whole
is our mother earth
where we come together
Track Name: Stamped
the quiet little place
i do not have
the business plan
meant to help the people
i cannot access
so, hurry child,
make it there
life ain't handed on no platter
i learned from my mother
to be a hard worker
to feed myself
and clothe myself
there's enough to go around
so you better find a shelter
but there is no roof
above my head
so rain,
i am watered
i am watered
i am watered

and to be heard
singing! singing
flowing through metro
taking steps that lead
where i may leave homage
and word for the story keepers
still alive, pass it on
fighting, struggling,
pass it on
llama me and it's done
i'll come runnin'
as a fugitive faggot
with allergies
the food stamped
and masochist
the gender pushed in
under pressure
unemployed, hippie goddess
the ramblin' tramp
the ramblin' tramp
the witch of empathy
the lover of all trees!
the striving
for compassion
powerful enough
to cross the bridges
Track Name: Can't Handle It
I'd never have to run away
if there wasn't something
after me
i'd never drink my sorrows down
if there were a stream
to take them into the ocean
oo, she's on one-
and ocean
come, now, peace whales
carry her like a seed
to give birth
up stream
disintegrating the dams
ground into sand
orchestrated by wind
carried home
back where the rocks live

burning at the core
she'll open up her doors
and you can't handle it
so don't even try
to get close
you can't handle it!
cuz it's not up for grabs
not for rent
nor ownership
so don't even try
to get close
you can't handle it!
Track Name: Little Whispers
little whispers
little whispers
you never left the birds
never left the birds
momma never kicked you
out of the nest
never told you go far
told you go far
away from the rainbows edge
that you thought you saw
magnolia, magnolia
with fragrance so strong
as the limbs that hold you up
mosquito bit
mosquito bite
swollen and red
as the pain from him inside
he felt so good
he felt so good
sinister words
worth orgasmic spurts
he felt like love
oh, was it love?
when we were friends
i could have sworn it was
oh oh oh oh
oh oh oh oh
oh oh ohhh ohh oh

you had me follow
down hallways
you'd beck yourself into me
you'd hit
and you'd bruise
you'd laugh
must have been

all play
all play
all play
all hate
you bit my lip
once pinched my breast
along my neck
your teeth they scraped
and with my heart
your hands they'd grope
to incinerate
to incinerate
ah hate
ah hate
ah hate
Track Name: Shrapnel
hold me
naked body
fragile as
the wing of a bug
delicate as
herbs for your medicine
earth quakin', ooo
rock slidin'
i hang in
tree fallen
cash checkin'
bombs dropping
pay attention
where has your heart been?
shrapnel hits closest
shrapnel hits closest
Track Name: Keep Singing
i keep singing
all through the night
while so many sleepin'
sun rise
i'm a tortoise
wondering why (can't seem to slow)
everyone's racin'
rain, poor
i'm a forest
babblin' brooks
ever flowing
heart, path
i am a riff
naturally receiving
through breath, her gift
wolf, to be
your divine creation
momma bear with cub
swimming in salmon
bees buzzin'
oooo ooo ooo
ooo oo oo oo oo ooo
Track Name: Destruction Haze
how can you see through this destruction haze
i can feel her ache
how long do we have to see
our falling friends
crashing to the ground?!
all they stood for was peace!
crashing to the ground!
how many have to die?
how many living things?
how many human beings?
how many trees,
before you can't breathe?!
before you can't breathe?
you're kids are dead already
how can you see through
this destruction haze
can't you feel her pain?
can't you see her ache?
Track Name: Walls
white walls
time falls
the stars are seen
and you can't hear
a thing, but
water rushing
on down the cliffs
wind whistling
birds near, birds distant
humming songs
you've know
eternally in your rhythm
saves que en su ritmo
my mother is truth
the life we know
breathe in
roots, soul
our vessels
the life we know breathe in
heart center
heart center
conduit of creation
conduit of creation
conduit of creation
ritmo, ritmo
saves que en su ritmo